About Us

Who We Are

IDACOMP has exceeded client expectations for more than 15 years.

IDACOMP is an Information Systems provider for small businesses that serve customers with a high degree of integrity and superior knowledge across all IT/IS services. No other firm offers the same degree of knowledge and services, nor are they as transparent.

Three reasons to choose IDACOMP

  1. As the most experienced and knowledgeable Information Systems provider in the valley, IDACOMP is able to plan and execute more comprehensive solution sets.
  2. IDACOMP is efficient through competency. As a small firm that hires the best talent, our reaction-time is near instantaneous which keeps budgets (and tempers) well under control.
  3. IDACOMP’s phone system utilizes modern infrastructure and will save money over dated systems, improve the quality of service, and many times increase the internet-speed for the money spent.

Here are three more.