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IDACOMP is a Premier partner with Carbonite, the highest level attainable. Through this partnership we can offer a variety of backup solutions; on-site, off-site or a hybrid mix of both. This is just one layer on how we approach backups.


Security is becoming an ever-increasing threat to business networks. IDACOMP takes a proactive approach by using multiple layers of security, including advanced firewalls, the latest in end-point security and even user training.

How is IDACOMP different?

The founder, having worked for small companies and some of the largest in the world brings a perspective and philosophy that with a firm IT foundation in place, any business can succeed since they can focus on their business, not the technology problems they might have.

IDACOMP doesn’t treat each customer as just another source of revenue. We encourage our staff to build a relationship with each customer. We want to know what drives you and how your business works. This helps us understand your needs and helps us advise you.

What is RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

IDACOMP employs advanced tools used to help us be more pro-active in assisting our customers. With the use of RMM we are able to get alerted to events such as predictive hard drive failures, allowing us to make repairs on your schedule, not when equipment fails.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that allows you to break free from old analog telephony lines. Your voice is transcoded into digital format and sent via your internet connection. IDACOMP maintains a robust and highly reliable cloud infrastructure where we can host your enterprise-grade phone system. Gone are the days of traditional expensive on-site PBX systems. No more maintenance, programming, etc. With IDACOMP Voice Services (IVS), your system is always available from anywhere you have internet access.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Tired of the expensive and maintenance of on-site servers? Let IDACOMP move your business to the Cloud. With IDACOMP Cloud Services, you can run your entire IT platform in the clouds and access it anywhere you have internet access. What to know more? Contact IDACOMP today!