How We Work

Talent + Grit + Integrity

The mathematician Kevin Devlin has posited that there are two types of individuals: Math Users and Math Thinkers. The former group may apply formulas, procedures, and symbolic manipulations, but the latter group will analyze, quantify, and then combine or create those formulas and symbolic manipulations into the most logical and precise response for a given situation. One group follows the recipes, one group creates new recipes. At IDACOMP, we only recruit agents that can combine and/or create new solutions — be it in the server room, within a nest of networking cables, or via the latest software.

In addition to that logic-first perspective, our employees share a deep desire to excel and to help our clients do the same. We won’t rest until your IT system, hosting environment, or comms network is functioning perfectly. If your office should ever experience a time-sensitive IT-crisis, we will shoulder the weight of that event and work ceaselessly until it has been resolved. IDACOMP will also be your first line of defense and counsel when it comes to an ever-evolving suite of technology, security, and opportunities for efficiency. From the smallest power surge to your next ERP, you can rely on IDACOMP’s inexhaustible tech support.

Because we take your job seriously.

More than any engineering mindset, better than any work-ethic, the reason IDACOMP is the preferred Information Systems provider in the valley is because our clients TRUST us. We confront every challenge with the utmost integrity and we bring transparency to every project. Clients typically work with IDACOMP for decades, rather than months, so we are always considering the best IT system for your needs, both current and future. We don’t consider ourselves a one-time vendor as much as a long-term, off-site support net for your growing company.

IDACOMP’s culture places the client at the epicenter of success. We also encourage constant skill development through continuing education, teaching and/or advisory positions, and good old-fashioned curiosity. Our breakroom is often abuzz with experimental tech-ware, rumored networking short-cuts, and less scrupulous IT management from other corners of the country. We see most everything as a learning opportunity.